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About AIR-serv


AIR-serv, Inc. was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1984. 

Since then we have grown to be the worldwide market leader in providing the Retail Petroleum Industry with highly durable tire inflation equipment and our highest quality equipment and service programs available.  AIR-serv operates in North America,  United Kingdom, and Europe.
AIR-serv's core competency is providing the retail Petroleum Industry and its customers with the highest quality air programs available.  Tire Inflators and vacuums are notoriously a low priority, high maintenance item. Maintaining self-serve tire inflators and vacuums is AIR-serv's number one priority.


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The AIR For CHARITY Program is a service which provides Canada with a reliable source of compressed air for inflating tires. 

The AIR For CHARITY logo is a Registered Trademark of AIR-serv Canada Inc. 

The recipient charity must be a registered Canadian charity or a hospital foundation. The designated recipient charity receives the AIR for CHARITY donation on a regular basis.

 All donation amounts are verified by the Recipient Charity, the Petroleum Retailer and AIR-serv Canada.

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A Huge Milestone

It was in the spring of 1984 that Frank and Brad Merrill installed the first coin activated Tire Inflator in Canada.

In October 2019, AIR-serv Canada installed machine number 9000. A huge milestone! We serve over 7000 locations across Canada with over 9000 pieces of self-serve equipment. Everyone in the company is to be commended for being a part of this. Integrity, Trust and Respect are core values which represent the foundation of our success and enable our growth. As we continue our journey in being a Best-In-Class company, it takes the genuine effort of all Team Members to Get it Done and Make It Happen. Always do it right, first time every time.

By Frank Merrill

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CSC service works owns and operates over 1 million pieces of equipment in various industry sectors. Maintaining self-serve public use equipment is our core competency.

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