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Our equipment is designed exclusively by AIR-serv, for AIR-serv customers to operate in the harsh Canadian climate. 


Tire Inflation System

Self-serve tire inflator with exclusive power serve compressor and remote monitoring. 

Model A54C-5-V

without TAP N GO

Tira Inflator No Paypass 1.0.png

Model A54C-5-VT

with TAP N GO

Tira Inflator Paypass 1.0.png

Vehicle Vacuum System

Self-serve vacuum with state of the art vacuum motors, filter and remote monitoring.

Model VAC VS-11-V

without TAP N GO


Model VAC VS-11-VT

with TAP N GO


*AIR-serv equipment is designed and manufactured to resist our harsh Canadian climate so it works 24/7/365

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